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Dear Prime Time Player,

Woo! I sincerely hope you're as excited as I am! Please note, aside from the ships I don't like and a few squicks, you pretty much have free reign. All that I'm writing here is meant to only help and not hamper. I'm not expecting everything here, that'd be insane and I do not want to stifle your creativity, I just know from my own writing experience, I like to have as much info as possible. Take what you will of any of it as I'm pretty sure I'm going to love whatever inspires you!

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I do hope this was all helpful and not daunting. Remember you don't have to use any of it if you don't want to. If you've come up with your own ideas, great! Good luck and have fun!

Best fandom friend to check in with would be LJ: Nikki4Noo DW: Noo. She knows what I like in general and a few fandom specifics and could pretty much answer anything you may have wondered about.
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Man, lots I've wanted to blog about but haven't gotten around to. But here ya go, some random Once Upon a Time wallpapers I've made! First six are of the castle alone, and then two with Charming added on, and a special other pair of wallpapers.

They're all 1440x900 as that's my screen res. Sorry for no other alts but I was making a whole bunch of variations and didn't want to have to resize every few steps. Feel free to alter to fit your screen!


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All textures found on deviantart, here's a link to my resource folder where you can find a sample of them. Thanks to Nikki for the caps as I was too lazy to make my own. =D
I actually made more, so you can find the rejects at flickr, though not original sizes.
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I guess I'm making posts mostly for myself haha. Does anyone read this outside of LJ (since I crosspost, but wonder if I should just stick to LJ posting...) Also, been commenting on the #OccupySF & #OccupyOakland on my twitter if any are interested.

Fly by rec: Because I'm Awesome - An Agent Coulson Fanmix Dunno who he is? *points to icon in LJ* He's the AWESOME Agent that first made an appearance in Iron Man, and in pretty much every other Avenger related movie. And someone made a quite excellent mix and cover and ICON XD for him. Think the songs fit him loverly! And you should watch the short that's linked in the post. =D Also, it's Agent Coulson (the actor) approved. XD

So, I'm so in love with Once Upon A Time, as I'm sure most of y'all are, heh. I was pretty much in love with it by the time Snow was woken by the Prince! And by the end of the ep, was dying for more. I'm really loving all the characters, but especially Snow & Prince and can't wait for more of their backstory in the next ep. So itching to write but no, gotta finish deadline fics first lol. So happy it got the highest ratings, though I wish it'd help Pan Am more to keep the ratings going.

Day 04 – Your favorite show ever Jeebus... Ever?? Cartoon, X-Men. Anime, tie w/ Escaflowne & Sailor Moon. All three for the same reasons: GREAT storylines, characters, and animation at the time. They're the ones that inspired me. Live Action? I honestly don't know. I love a lot of shows. Lots of shows I'll watch in reruns ad nauseum (like NCIS). I've only actively collected a few on dvd (smallville, lois & clark, bsg, lost) and kept few d/l'd copies (nikita, lost girl)... Not many I watched from beginning to end...(TNG, DS9, tech Quantum Leap, Babylon 5) So I have tons of fave shows, ones I'd watch again and again. But nothing comes to mind as being above the rest really. What about y'all?
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Fwee, so not much RL goings on as per usual. One day I'll have the motivation to do stuff beyond the comp. Had a good time partying with [profile] mrasaki on sat! Too bad I couldn't stay longer to whoop her on Jeopardy! XD Did manage to write a few things since last. Up to three Assassin's Creed II Ezio/Leo drabbles for the [community profile] ac_bigbang mini bang contest! Can't tell you which are mine but you can still read 'em all and vote here! =D Should have a few kinky short fic up in a few days for another comm, hopefully. We'll see. In the mean time!

The Ship Meme
Day 02 - What was your very first ship? I wanna say Rogue/Gambit... When I first discovered the animated series on fox's saturday morning line up. I've seen disney movies before and liked the couples in them but as a real conscious thing, it would have to be them. Or possibly Deanna/Will from TNG since that's earlier. Then them and Picard/Beverly as ones I was wanting to see together. XD So trekkiegirl at heart haha.

The Fanfic Writing Meme
Day 02 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it. Hah... So in no particular order... XD

  • X-Men: My first fanfic... A longish wip that resides in a few notebooks in storage. I still have story ideas that I'd love to one day write (All centered on Gambit and with him being with Rogue of course). I guess the fic is a mix of the cartoon and the comic book series at the time.

  • Vision of Escaflowne: I've written one oneshot, and another as part of the ongoing Twisted Fate Series. Not abandoned, just put on hold for now. Surprisingly, not many other plot bunnies but the series is epic in of itself.

  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: One oneshot, a couple of drabbles and another epic type WIP series. Book one is done, and will one day get back to book two and three if I can ever find the notes again. Not abandoned either... Still have a few other plot bunnies somewhere...

  • Battlestar Galactica: One drabble as a gift to someone. Never got plot bunnies for this fandom.

  • Harry Potter: My archive says I have 48 fics. Mostly drabbles I think, and mostly Snape/Lupin. A few Harry/Hermione and random others including gen. Not tech active but still a shit load of bunnies and wips that I do plan to finish in the near future.

  • Star Trek (AOS): 134 fics published... But, lol, ALL but one are drabbles. I actually have a few more that I've cowritten but we haven't even published the good ones yet. Hopefully soon. Tech this is my "active" fandom. Lots of bunnies still to go but I tend to bunny other people too so hee.

  • Firefly: One gift drabble. Never had much inkling to write anything else.

  • Assassin's Creed: Set of three drabbles that are tech related to each other. I def want to write more in this fandom,mainly of Ezio/Leo but of future fic too (well in Desmond's time-ish). Dunno when I'll get back to writing some more, hopefully soonish, heh.

  • Glee: On a whim I decided to write for a comment_fic prompt and it sucked me in. So one fic so far, a sequel planned and the bunnies are slowly starting to add up, lol.

There are a few other fandoms I've been itching to try out (Castle, Once Upon a Time, Bedlam) but nothing has really struck the muse to force it out of me yet lol. Oh, so yeah w/ exception to the past two fic I wrote (but will be corrected in the next day), my fic archive is pretty much up to date, if you're interested in perusing: Moonlit Library.
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Man am I all beta'd out lol... Hoping to get some more writing done, especially for [profile] happy_trekmas or Daily_Deviant deadlines... XD And artwork hopefully... But still working a few more [community profile] comment_fic prompts that have caught my eye (and desperately trying to push away a few kink meme bunnies that are nibbling at me). Ah well, meme time!

Day 03 – Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season): Man, I can't just narrow it down... Plus not all the new shows have aired! But, here's my rec's so far!
Favorite Comedy: Hands down, 2 Broke Girls. It's a female positive comedy with female adult humor! It's not crass like some other shows where you know they're going for the male laughs. The actresses are spot on and neither of the main girls are cliched. Constantly laughing with this one!
Favorite Mystery/Suspense: Gonna have to go with Person of Interest. I may have a bias with main actor but it really is a good show. It's as if the computer from Eagle Eye didn't turn out so evil. And it puts a twist on the crime as the charas are trying to solve it before it happens w/o knowing what the hell's going on. I also like how the two characters interact w/ each other (Slash potential but I actually don't want to read fics of them together, it's weird.) Love the lady detective too and hope we'll see more and more of her story.
Favorite Drama: Light Drama really... Pan Am. It's period, it's fun, it's beautiful. There's actually not a character I don't like. They all have good flaws and aren't annoying at all. It's not overtly thinky or anything but it's not just popcorn fare either. I think a great way to end the weekend.
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Although some shows still haven't aired and tech this is only new to the US... But Bedlam! Def! OMG. Firstly, the main chara is smoking hot... I may have to go find his other shows and watch and I rarely if ever do that for an actor (at least actively you know?). And it's a great little supernatural show with a premise of being set in the infamous Bedlam Hospital. It's not too horrory, or graphic (compared to like Fringe or Bones), but there's enough that those squeamish may not be able to watch alas. Sadly the first season's only six eps, and I hope the second season will be soon haha.
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Title: Taken in Hand
Author: Diana Moon
Fandom/Characters: Star Trek AOS: Kirk/McCoy, background aliens and Scotty
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3,650
Warnings: Gratuitous use of italics
Summary: Friends know when to lend a hand.
Notes: Fwee, so another [community profile] comment_fic prompt that I thought would be nice and short. But nope! Based on this prompt: Star Trek (TOS or Reboot), Five times McCoy gave Kirk a "therapeutic" massage and one time when Kirk repaid the favour.
Two more things, I don't claim credit to a line in the first, I've seen it other places and thought it worked best here too. XD And, considering what had happened in Voyager, I figured what happens in the third could happen, transference and all. Oh! Kudos to you if you can get the movie reference in Five. xD Thanks to [profile] aquila_star and [profile] nikki4noo for the beta work and cheerleading! All other mistakes are mine. Seriously good to be writing again! Please enjoy! <3

I'm a Doctor, not a Fluffer )
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Title: ...And I'm on the train that's bound for Santa Fe
Author: Diana Moon
Fandom/Characters: Glee: Kurt, Rachel, Santana, Mercedes, Tina, Puck
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2,331
Warnings: None
Summary: Where does it say you gotta live and die here?
Notes: This was supposed to a shortish fill. I had the end scene in my head as soon as I saw the prompt. And then it just keep growing as I've yet learned the ability to write concisely haha. Thanks to T for being Alpha and N for being a quick beta. All the rest of the mistakes are my own. Written for this prompt: Glee, Kurt/Puck, most of them will live and die in Lima … 5 students everyone always knew would get out and 1 that surprised them (Kurt as one of the 5, Puck as the sixth, please) This came out a bit more serious than I thought, and I started writing it before the season began so it may reflect that a bit. Title & summary & lines come from the Newsies' song, Santa Fe (Kinda got carried away using the song lyrics haha). Comments are <3 but please enjoy!

Everyone thought Rachel would be the first to go... )
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Fair warning F-List, among doing an awesome HP beta this past weekend, I've managed to finagle my writing muse to stay and let me write instead of just placing more plot bunnies at my feet (though she did that too lol). After this post will be two new fic posts! Along with below, they're all due to the inspiration I've been getting from the [community profile] comment_fic comm. Hopefully this'll mean I'll get to some of the old wips too.. XD

Anyhow, this post brought to you by Six Word Theme post at said comm. There was some fantastic prompts that I couldn't help but try my hand at. Various fandoms, hope ya like. XD

Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, playing hard to get
Quoting Trek now? It's on, Eliot.

NCIS, Ducky, last person he expected to see on him table
Apparently, he realized, ghosts are real.

Star Trek XI, Sulu(/any), nightmares of falling
He feared Most? Falling for him.

Pan Am, Dean, why he became a pilot
In the skies, possibilities are endless.

Pan Am, any, flight attendant school
Collete smirked--ca c'est trop facile*.
*this was too easy

Star Trek, Bones/Jim, teasing.
"Need you, now, Bones," Jim whimpered.

Leverage, OT3 or Hardison/Eliot, holding hands in public
She loved how their hands contrasted.

And I dunno if it is a proper meme already or not but let's give it a shot, shall we?

Give me a fandom(that I would know), character/pairing, and a prompt, and I'll give you a six word story.
I'm willing to do any character/pairing except Kirk/Spock, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, or Harry/Ginny. Everyone else is fair game.
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Gotta love fandom sometimes... *shakes head* And gotta love when websites do complete overhauls w/o a lick of warning to its userbase. *looks at delicious* Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. I'd wish diigo would do with more updates but they're more focused on having prettyful ipod and ipad apps. Anyhow, day 02 of meme! =D Will get to the other one again but not tonight. XD

Day 02 – A show that you wish more people were watching: Hands down, Falling Skies. It's a fantastic show and I can't wait for the second season and hope it has at least double the episodes next season. Great action, plot, chara development and it's sci-fi! A few other really good shows that I think are underrated: Leverage (classic caper with unique charas), Suits (may have a big fandom but dunno anyone in it I don't think, and omg the slash writes itself and it's a fun one), Being Human US (granted I've yet seen the UK... STILL, this series I think works great on it's own and people must realize that the UK peeps asked syfy for a remake), and... I know there's like one more but I can't think of it lol. I watch way too many shows haha.
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Bah, past few days I came down with a head cold and then also got severe cramps. So weekend was a bit of a bust. Least caught up on all the premiere shows this past week. What new shows did y'all like or still looking forward to?

So since my head's all stuffy and can't really concentrate much, holding off Day 02 of the other two memes to start this one... Should be a bit easier to answer haha!

Day 01- A show that should have never been canceled: Oh man I can think of quite a few lol. Eli Stone (was my go to happy show that made me believe again and did musical numbers before GLEE), Journeyman (was quite interesting and set in SF and yeah lol), DayBreak (Great premise and really showed Taye's range), Better With You (HILARIOUS show omg), Detroit 187 (at least this had an "ending" but wow, a cop show that really made me feel for everyone. Plus all the 70s music was fantastic), and end with Human Target (Fox totally purposely killed it with not properly showing the second season and then not even re-air the last few eps when it was covered up by the news. *shakes head*) But ye ah those are the ones off the top of my head. XD

TV Meme List )
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I love the idea of the 30 day memes, and figure if I did a few, maybe I could get into the rhythm of journaling daily (or semi-daily haha). So I thought I'd choose two fandomish ones to start with! The whole list is at the end for anyone interested.

Firstly, The Ship Meme!
Day 01 - What is your current favourite ship? Ezio/Leonardo from Assassin's Creed II has currently taken a temporary hold. So many prettyful images to look at and lots of fic to discover heh. Trying my best to not let it bunny me but that always fails. I love the dynamics of these two, one a killer and the other an artist, yet the do complement each other nicely and have a pretty epic bromance to say the least!

Also, of course Kirk/McCoy from Star Trek. Mostly in the JJverse, but I love all permutations of them. They're what currently is what's keeping me active in fandom and tugging at my writing, though it's been mostly stop and go. XD

And always, Lupin/Snape from Harry Potter. Though they're kinda on the backburner in terms of reading stuff, but I'm hoping to really get back into them soon. Now their dynamic I do miss heh.

Secondly, The Fanfic Writing Meme!
Day 01 – How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?
I always wrote stories ever since I could write. I had a small journal for writing one or two page stories and had quickly filled that up. As a kid I used to watch cartoons and kind of fantasize having adventures with the characters. I didn't really start writing anything like that down till the X-Men cartoon series in the 90s on Fox. Man did I fall hard for Gambit and Rogue! After watching the Bishop arc, of course I had to come up with the "brilliant" idea to create a future love child of the two that had to hide in the past. I filled a whole notebook and a half with her story. Oh the joys when you don't know you're writing Mary Sue haha. The notebooks are sadly lost in storage otherwise I may have been masochistic enough to put 'em up here for laughs, lol.

As for the first fandom I wrote for? Sailor Moon. As soon I was introduced to the world wide web back in '98~'99, I found forums and mailing lists and ASMR archive hah. And wanted to write and participate. Back then I went under the pen name MoonDreamer (as it was the name of my WebTV account XD). I had loved all the fics and the camaraderie felt on the mailing lists, and of course I had my own ideas and began writing. I still have a few wips... That'll one day be finished! LOL.

Meme Lists )
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To start off the new clean break... How about some recs, yeah? =D

Harry Potter
Despite not having produced any lovely snupin in too long of a while, I managed to inspire a few people into writing some! (Yay multi-fandom prompt comms!)

Two fics )

X-Men(First Class)
So I haven't really found much X:FC stuff that I've really liked. A few ficlets here and there and some really good tumblr graphics or art. I think it's because I've been an X-Men fan for so long, with the comics and cartoons. And even if I hadn't actively started shipping Erik/Charles till the movies, their relationship must be true to them and the canon.

Vid Rec )

Assassin's Creed II
And, because I volunteered to beta wook's AC BB, I got resucked into that verse. So I'm itching to go back to finishing Assassin's Creed II (yeah I know I know) and of course get to Brotherhood (OMG the dlcs!). And man am I back in love with Ezio/Leonardo so a couple of recs there.

3 fic recs )

I haven't gotten into this fandom yet but I do get fic recs on the good stuff and this one, def... good stuff.

one fic )

Star Trek
So this final rec is a bit selfish as the art drawn was for me... But omg it's all great and fantastic!

three arts )

And that's it for recs~! Hope you've enjoyed! <3
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I miss journaling, as infrequent as I did it. I miss having non-emo posts and having fun 'what i did today' ones or of the even rare fandom related posts. I miss being able to look at my flist and needing to tab tons of interesting stuff (mostly talking about comms). And this is becoming more emo than I intended...

So besides the many fic/art I owe, which while may not seem like it, I am working on, little by little when the muse shows up, I think I want a clean break. Since I can't yet do that in my real life, maybe it'll help to do it online. Just drop most all the baggage and pretend this is a fresh, clean NEW journal. Where I just post whatever, from what's on tv, to the evil plot bunnies that plague me. And whenever I do have an outing. How's that sound? I'm sure some of you guys miss me, right?

As for me, things are still in a stall-state. In all senses of the word. I thought there'd be a dramatic change by the end of the year but looks like it's not going to happen as fam doesn't want it to happen. Still mostly jobless, and tech now with one less brother (i've disowned him for what he did to me, but i'm the only one). I'm mostly on gchat and tech still twitter. Might get back to being on digsby soon cause yeah, the loneliness is consuming.

So how've y'all been? Any fandoms or lj/dw comms you'd rec to me? I'm thinking if I could join new things, my muse might actually stick around past delivering a new bunny, heh.

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Things I need to do before Tuesday Night:

  • Finish Snupin Fantasy Fest drabble & post

  • modly kirkmccoy posts

  • buy return tix from SD

  • get hotelroom for sun night

  • pack clothes

  • decide on bringing a portfolio (for a writer's one, what do i showcase? for art, can i showcase fanart??)
    • On a related note, DMP is looking for manga writers.... i have one original slash short story i wrote before prop 8 elections... and of course my fanfic... any other short stories i have aren't very... manga-ish? i guess... and sadly not many that are fantasy either (not that i don't have ideas)

  • set dad up for horror netflix dvds while we're gone

  • get camera set up for flight

  • get netbook set up for travel

  • set up ping.fm so i can be spammy with tweets/plurks/statuses

  • buy some facial cleansers

  • buy more vacu-bags

  • finish cleaning up email

  • bring resumes (never know, right?)

  • am i missing anything?

    Also, for anyone that cares, here's my tentative schedule (lots of conflicts as obs i can't make everything, plusgotta fit in volunteering): http://sched.comic-con.org/dianamoon I'm pretty much available nights so anyone going, let's meet up yeah? =D
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    *sigh* I just love Passive Aggressive behavior from friends who apparently hold grudges or whatever for something I did or failed to do. People make mistakes. I shouldn't have to be working at 100% all the time. Then again, maybe I'm just not needed anymore and people are moving on. Tends to be a trend online and IRL. Used to it IRL sadly, hurts more when it happens online. Of course I'm being PA about it now with this post. And paranoid, but that's on par with me.

    --This post brought to you by accidentally reading depressing fic, dwelling on shit i know i shouldn't dwell on, a sucktacular day at applying to jobs and feeling worthless about it, and my body acting up--
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    Taken from [profile] sciathan_file:
    Give me a pairing/(pair of) characters and a prompt, and I will write you a one sentence ficlet (or more, if it ends up going down that way...)
    dianamoon: Give My Life for LOVE (Gambit)
    A bit of a brick-a-brack post for your enjoyment.

    • Subject is a quote from the season finale of In Plain Sight, it amused me when Mary said it, even though I fully don't get it as I'm not into Jane Austen, but I think I get the gist of it lol.

    • Speaking of In Plain Sight... The opening scenes to the season finale for some reason struck a chord with me. I'm used to seeing someone getting shot and killed cause of most crime shows but here, a priest witnesses it (along with another stripper) and it was just wow. The whole carrying the victim and shielding the three of them from the bad guys, to him giving her the last rites... it was just, wow. I was almost in tears. With the exception of literally the last scene (which i think they tacked on RANDOMLY), it was a fantastic solid episode.

    • Summer shows are beginning, woo!

    • Pride Weekend was fun, though I suffered for days after, being sore... XD And sunburnt but that was from the concert in the park haha.

    • It's official, mum and I are going to San Diego Comic Con. Bought the hotel reservations and plane tix down.

    • Was trying to get mom into the anime, Ouran Host Club by getting the first disc on Netflix. While she did like it, she didn't seem to be interested in watching more. I got the disc cause when she's tired, she can't read so quickly so we played the English Dub. It was actually pretty good. And made me fall in love with Ouran and Tamaki and Haruhi all over again. Def gonna have to catch up with the manga and read some fic again, soon. XD

    • So I finally got the video game Heavy Rain for my birthday. I love it. I understand why some people didn't like it but I still think it was a fun game. Finished it and now going back to get all the trophies and various endings. Went to GameFaqs for some help and got annoyed by this:
      Trophies Unlocked:  Pride Saved - psh, least popular
       trophy/achievement EVER! if you really want it, 
      start unbuttoning shirt and reach for the lamp /sigh 
      Gotta love misogyny. >_< Basically at that scene, you play the female protaganist trying to get info and not get shot at. You have a choice to strip all the way naked and then make your move, or take only one article off as you make your move. I did a focus group last year to this game and it was for getting the female's perspective, and we talked about this scene. We also talked about it would be nice to see some naked men as fair's fair (we kinda got that in the game but only a backside). So thank you creators for trying to make a balanced game, and FU to the male gamers.

    Nothing else new going on with me sadly. Trying to do some writing, and hoping to get back to my original fic soon. Just haven't felt organized enough to finish off the background and world info. Hope all's well with y'all. ^_^
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    And now I'm all caught up. The theme was Kink so these are all adult and for the most part pervy. XD Um, hope y'all enjoy! I'm doing [community profile] kink_bingo (along with [community profile] hc_bingo), so expect more kinky fics in the near future! Lol.

    Prompt: Chekov, Gaila - Nipple Rings
    Rating: NC-17
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Public Collar Wearing
    Rating: PG
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Pike, McCoy - Anal beads
    Rating: NC-17
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Uhura, Chapel - Enema
    Rating: Hard R
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Hands
    Rating: NC-17
    Read more... )
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    A short set. Various themes from a few different sessions.

    Prompt: Winona, McCoy - Comparing Notes
    Rating: G
    (Gen, dialog only, implied Kirk/McCoy)
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Sulu, Chekov -What a Joy to be Young
    Rating: R
    Read more... )

    Prompt: McCoy, Chapel - Water Fight
    Rating: G
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Spock, Uhura - Spring rain
    Rating: G
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Uhura, Gaila - Hanging laundry out to dry in the sun
    Rating: PG
    Read more... )
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    Fwee, another round of old drabbles from [community profile] bridge2sickbay. All but the first are based on the theme of dessert!

    Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Doctor finds interesting way to keep his Captain safe.
    Rating: PG
    (Dialogue drabble.)
    Read more... )

    Prompt: McCoy, Uhura - Tiramisu
    Rating: G
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Spock, McCoy - Lemon Pudding
    Rating: PG
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Uhura, Gaila - Chocolate Cayenne Cookies
    Rating: PG-13
    Read more... )

    Prompt: George, Winona - Milky Way
    Rating: G
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Kirk, Gaila – Cheesecake
    Rating: G
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Trip, T'Pol - Sugar Coated Pecans
    Rating: G
    (Implied relationship)
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Scotty, Uhura - Pixie Sticks
    Rating: G
    Read more... )

    Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Lollipop
    Rating: PG
    (Gen-ish. Not too fond of it, must've rushed it.)
    Read more... )


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