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Catching up on posting all the drabbling I've done since last time... I'll try not to spam too much. Light beta work done... All were for [community profile] bridge2sickbay challenges. The theme for this set was Household Objects, I believe.

Prompt: McCoy, Joanna - Books
Rating: G
Read more... )

Prompt: Uhura, Gaila - Electrical Socket
Rating: PG
Read more... )

Prompt: Spock, Sulu - Toilet
Rating: NC-17
(Spock/Sulu. Watersports)
Read more... )

Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Waffle Iron
Rating: PG
Read more... )

Prompt: Pike, Kirk - Leather Bound book
Rating: G
Read more... )

Prompt: McCoy, AC(Kirk) - Door Knob
Rating: NC-17
(Kirk/McCoy. Use of "toys")
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Prompt: Kirk, Spock, McCoy - Clock
Rating: PG
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Prompt: Pike, McCoy - Duffel Bag
Rating: R
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Jun. 21st, 2010 01:46 pm
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So the consensus seems to be to crosspost to all three. So that's what I shall be doing. Don't care if you comment on LJ, IJ or DW, it all gets sent to the same email (when notifs are working lol). I'll try my best to remember to look over IJ and DW flist more often as I know some of you are exclusive to one, though I'll normally comment in LJ if given the option heh.

Nothing new with me since last, trying to get a bit more organized and pro-active but hard when i can't seem to wake up before 10 again. i'll have my alarms set for all hours (7, 8, 9am) but just turn it off and go back to sleep. =/ And it's not cause I go to bed late either, cause that's always a constant and for a while I was able to wake up at 7/8'oclock with relative ease.

Next post should be a catch up of drabbles I've managed to do since last time I've posted drabbles. And then a daily meme post I've been wanting to do. XD

Hope all's well with all. <3
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Let me preface this by saying, that even if you've never watched/heard/or cared for the show Leverage or the character, Alec Hardison, you must read this fic. This fic is a story for anyone who's been in fandom, and like me, maybe had their sexual awakening through it. Seriously, if you're worried you're not going to understand the fic cause you've not watched an ep (though if you're not caught up it is post second season ending), don't be. Want a geeky fic? This is it.

This fic was written for the [community profile] lgbtfest with the prompt: Fandom or other online activities help Hardison come to terms with his sexual orientation..

Being about the same age-range as Hardison, and having the same fannish glee as he does in the series, this fic really hit home with me. Here we get to see Hardison use fandom, his favorite shows and comics since he was young, to explore the world, people, and himself. And the way it's written, here is just brilliant. Also enjoyed the parts where Hardison tried to find other poc characters to look up to.

I can't express how much I enjoyed reading this fic, how spot on it was to Hardison, to fandom, and I need to quote one of the commenters who said it best: It's a love letter to Hardison, and fandom meta, and a love letter to fandom .

I think my love of this fic says a lot about how far I've come along with my own identity the past year or so. What Hardison went through, a bit is what I've been through. Using the love of characters and pairings as a buffer to what I'd really like in my personal life and who I am. Though I'm still kinda figuring that out, heh. There's so much more I wish I could say about how excellent this fic is, but really, you just need to read and enjoy. <3

If all of this still doesn't convince you, then please at least read the excerpt below. And always, if you do read, don't forget to comment (or rec like I did XD)

Title:Life in the Twenty-First Century
Author: aces [personal profile] wishfulaces
Characters/Pairing: Hardison-centric with eventual Hardison/Elliot/Parker
Word Count: 4,100
Summary: Alec Hardison, if pressed, would probably suggest that he subscribes to a post-modern definition of identity.

Excerpt: Star Trek, X-Files, Highlander, Oh my! )

Poll Time!

Jun. 18th, 2010 12:00 am
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What should I do with this journal (and subsequently the others?)

  1. Use it as a mirror like IJ and crosspost to all three? (LJ, IJ, DW)

  2. Use this as a fic journal archive as alternative to my real archive?

  3. Use IJ as fic journal archive and use dw for mirror to LJ?

  4. Nothing, continue using account to participate/comment on DW only things

  5. use it for a potentially professional endeavor (not sure what yet)

  6. Other that you'll explain in comments


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