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Dear Prime Time Player,

Woo! I sincerely hope you're as excited as I am! Please note, aside from the ships I don't like and a few squicks, you pretty much have free reign. All that I'm writing here is meant to only help and not hamper. I'm not expecting everything here, that'd be insane and I do not want to stifle your creativity, I just know from my own writing experience, I like to have as much info as possible. Take what you will of any of it as I'm pretty sure I'm going to love whatever inspires you!

So Iron-clad General No's: Deathfic, break up fic, OOC, Briticisms, mpreg, incest, character bashing.

General Yes Please!
* Hurt/Comfort, HEAVY Angst
* Happy/Hopeful endings despite all the crap (if any) the charas go through
* Poly relationships. I'm a big fan of ot3+ships. And all equal in being poly or even if it's just the occasional adding someone(s) to their bed
* Bi or Pan sexuality.
* Backstory fics
* If you like to write smut/kink then: Kinkier the better! BDSM (heavy or light), spanking, cross-dressing, watersports, fantasies, marking, pegging.
* I'm a huge fan of switching.
* Also interested in the use of safewords, if the couple/moresome are exploring their sexualities with each other and it not going completely perfect and needing to breathe or readjust.
* If you like gen/friendship or lighter romances, that's fantastic too! Or if you'd rather fade to black and just hint, that's great also!
* Banter, conflict, misunderstandings
* AUs, Fandom Fusions, episode/mission fics

Fandom Specific
Hawaii Five-O: [Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett, Kono Kalakua] Reiterating what I said in the signups. I'm a huge Steve/Danny shipper. I do like them in threesomes with Kono or Cath if you're up for that. I love staying within canon when possible so if it's pre-slash angst that's great. I'm more in favor of them getting together than established ships, unless it's brand new. Danny is my favorite so he's the one I like to see suffer most. Be it physically or mentally, put him through the wringer as long Steve picks up the pieces. Also heart Danny being a BAMF and taking no nonsense from Steven, especially after running of as he does.

Also a bit of cliche love for poor!Danny trying to make means or still being considered an outcast or his past haunting him yet again. Also would love friendship fics with him and Kono.

If you're more of Kono person, I can happily see her with anyone besides Chin (no hints at all of any c/k). Her being a badass or saving the boys would be great too.

Leverage: [Alec Hardison, Parker, Eliot Spencer] Reiterating my fave combos: Alec/Parker, Alec/Eliot or all three. I'll be happy with close friendship or in a relationship all together. Can be vanilla or kinky. Love episode fics or aftermath of what happened in an ep, or between seasons. H/C is always great and seeing other sides of their characters. I do also like Eliot POV if you're not fond of Alec's.

My fave is Alec so any gen/friendship centric one with him would be love. He's my kinda geek and love to see him prove to the others just how valuable he can be. I'm not a big DW fan (Ten/Martha) but if you want to do a crossover with him as a companion or even TW (let's forget about COE) I'd have no probs at all. Also, there really hasn't been a leverage ep w/ his backstory being at the crux of it so that could be fun too.
Please no Eliot/Parker (unless in context of all three being a trioship) or Eliot/NateorSophie.

Star Trek: [Leonard McCoy, Jim Kirk, Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu] I do not do K/S. My main OTPs are: Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, & Sulu/Chekov. Scotty I'm generally happy with him and Uhura or Gaila or Chapel. I do also love Kirk/Spock/McCoy/(Uhura). Friendship fics or gen team fics are love also. Can be pre-movie or post movie or AU!

McCoy is my favorite character, and so yes I love the most angst with him. I consider him not always grumpy but also a smooth talker and flirty and fun when the mood strikes. But he def has a wicked tongue. I don't mind get together or established with him and Kirk. Love angst and maybe misunderstandings or bits of lonesomeness and dealing with being in space. Or mission fic where he gets to be a badass doctor. Kink or schmoop is perfectly fine. If you wanna tackle the ot3 or ot4, I'd love to see the rocky start of it.

Sulu is my second favorite and I like to see him as a bit goofy at times. Backstory or get-together with Chekov could be fun. Scotty always needs love in fandom so if you wanna center on him, that'll be great too! Maybe he plays matchmaker and then finally finds someone of his own or gets found hehe.

I wouldn't be adverse to a hunger games au (only know the movie, haven't gotten around to the books but I do know there'll be an uprising), maybe with Kirk & McCoy and/or others as mentors, so they both survived their own hunger games. It's a bunny that I got from reading an h50 au of the same idea, but would love if someone else had a go, haha.

The Avengers: [Phil Coulson] Stating again. Not a Tony/Steve nor a Thor/Loki fan. I really do prefer the canon het pairings. Also these are good: Thor/Steve or Clint/mostanyone or Bruce/Tony(and/or Pepper), or Bruce/Steve, or Natasha/mostanyone.

But let's talk about Phil. Fixit fic would be great, or backstory fic. In the prelude comics, he's pretty friendly with Clint and Natasha as he's been their handlers before. And I think he has a good repertoire with Pepper (mayb exchange emails and overall friendship). Him being a badass or fanboying over Steve (how did it come about? Did he have family who had met Steve and told stories?) would be fantasmic!

I'm also in love with Bruce. They've taken the Norton!Hulk as his backstory canon, so seeing what happened between then and Avengers would be interesting. Maybe how he got to that lowpoint? Lovelove the banter between him and Tony in the movie. Maybe him meeting Pepper? They all being sciency? Or him being friendly to Steve because they're both fish out of waters (Bruce having secluded himself for so long)

Steve! What's happened to him since he awoke? Does he go searching for Peggy or Bucky's relatives? Or his own family? I don't see him as being naive/stupid to tech. He takes it all within ease, but I would love to see any breakdowns or wonderment. Why did it take so long for Coulson to finally meet him? I dunno why I like him with Thor but Thor's so fun so him with most anyone would be an interesting dynamic.

Clint & Natasha, any backstory for them would be interesting or what happens after the movie. I do believe they never declared their feelings for each other, and tech still haven't so that'd be interesting to explore. Thor going to see his gal, maybe more run ins with Darcy, or trying to to help his brother, find out what happened. Stuff with Fury or Hill or what Pepper was up to would be interesting too.

I do hope this was all helpful and not daunting. Remember you don't have to use any of it if you don't want to. If you've come up with your own ideas, great! Good luck and have fun!

Best fandom friend to check in with would be LJ: Nikki4Noo DW: Noo. She knows what I like in general and a few fandom specifics and could pretty much answer anything you may have wondered about.


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