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I miss journaling, as infrequent as I did it. I miss having non-emo posts and having fun 'what i did today' ones or of the even rare fandom related posts. I miss being able to look at my flist and needing to tab tons of interesting stuff (mostly talking about comms). And this is becoming more emo than I intended...

So besides the many fic/art I owe, which while may not seem like it, I am working on, little by little when the muse shows up, I think I want a clean break. Since I can't yet do that in my real life, maybe it'll help to do it online. Just drop most all the baggage and pretend this is a fresh, clean NEW journal. Where I just post whatever, from what's on tv, to the evil plot bunnies that plague me. And whenever I do have an outing. How's that sound? I'm sure some of you guys miss me, right?

As for me, things are still in a stall-state. In all senses of the word. I thought there'd be a dramatic change by the end of the year but looks like it's not going to happen as fam doesn't want it to happen. Still mostly jobless, and tech now with one less brother (i've disowned him for what he did to me, but i'm the only one). I'm mostly on gchat and tech still twitter. Might get back to being on digsby soon cause yeah, the loneliness is consuming.

So how've y'all been? Any fandoms or lj/dw comms you'd rec to me? I'm thinking if I could join new things, my muse might actually stick around past delivering a new bunny, heh.

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*sigh* I just love Passive Aggressive behavior from friends who apparently hold grudges or whatever for something I did or failed to do. People make mistakes. I shouldn't have to be working at 100% all the time. Then again, maybe I'm just not needed anymore and people are moving on. Tends to be a trend online and IRL. Used to it IRL sadly, hurts more when it happens online. Of course I'm being PA about it now with this post. And paranoid, but that's on par with me.

--This post brought to you by accidentally reading depressing fic, dwelling on shit i know i shouldn't dwell on, a sucktacular day at applying to jobs and feeling worthless about it, and my body acting up--
dianamoon: Give My Life for LOVE (Gambit)
A bit of a brick-a-brack post for your enjoyment.

  • Subject is a quote from the season finale of In Plain Sight, it amused me when Mary said it, even though I fully don't get it as I'm not into Jane Austen, but I think I get the gist of it lol.

  • Speaking of In Plain Sight... The opening scenes to the season finale for some reason struck a chord with me. I'm used to seeing someone getting shot and killed cause of most crime shows but here, a priest witnesses it (along with another stripper) and it was just wow. The whole carrying the victim and shielding the three of them from the bad guys, to him giving her the last rites... it was just, wow. I was almost in tears. With the exception of literally the last scene (which i think they tacked on RANDOMLY), it was a fantastic solid episode.

  • Summer shows are beginning, woo!

  • Pride Weekend was fun, though I suffered for days after, being sore... XD And sunburnt but that was from the concert in the park haha.

  • It's official, mum and I are going to San Diego Comic Con. Bought the hotel reservations and plane tix down.

  • Was trying to get mom into the anime, Ouran Host Club by getting the first disc on Netflix. While she did like it, she didn't seem to be interested in watching more. I got the disc cause when she's tired, she can't read so quickly so we played the English Dub. It was actually pretty good. And made me fall in love with Ouran and Tamaki and Haruhi all over again. Def gonna have to catch up with the manga and read some fic again, soon. XD

  • So I finally got the video game Heavy Rain for my birthday. I love it. I understand why some people didn't like it but I still think it was a fun game. Finished it and now going back to get all the trophies and various endings. Went to GameFaqs for some help and got annoyed by this:
    Trophies Unlocked:  Pride Saved - psh, least popular
     trophy/achievement EVER! if you really want it, 
    start unbuttoning shirt and reach for the lamp /sigh 
    Gotta love misogyny. >_< Basically at that scene, you play the female protaganist trying to get info and not get shot at. You have a choice to strip all the way naked and then make your move, or take only one article off as you make your move. I did a focus group last year to this game and it was for getting the female's perspective, and we talked about this scene. We also talked about it would be nice to see some naked men as fair's fair (we kinda got that in the game but only a backside). So thank you creators for trying to make a balanced game, and FU to the male gamers.

Nothing else new going on with me sadly. Trying to do some writing, and hoping to get back to my original fic soon. Just haven't felt organized enough to finish off the background and world info. Hope all's well with y'all. ^_^


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