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I love the idea of the 30 day memes, and figure if I did a few, maybe I could get into the rhythm of journaling daily (or semi-daily haha). So I thought I'd choose two fandomish ones to start with! The whole list is at the end for anyone interested.

Firstly, The Ship Meme!
Day 01 - What is your current favourite ship? Ezio/Leonardo from Assassin's Creed II has currently taken a temporary hold. So many prettyful images to look at and lots of fic to discover heh. Trying my best to not let it bunny me but that always fails. I love the dynamics of these two, one a killer and the other an artist, yet the do complement each other nicely and have a pretty epic bromance to say the least!

Also, of course Kirk/McCoy from Star Trek. Mostly in the JJverse, but I love all permutations of them. They're what currently is what's keeping me active in fandom and tugging at my writing, though it's been mostly stop and go. XD

And always, Lupin/Snape from Harry Potter. Though they're kinda on the backburner in terms of reading stuff, but I'm hoping to really get back into them soon. Now their dynamic I do miss heh.

Secondly, The Fanfic Writing Meme!
Day 01 – How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?
I always wrote stories ever since I could write. I had a small journal for writing one or two page stories and had quickly filled that up. As a kid I used to watch cartoons and kind of fantasize having adventures with the characters. I didn't really start writing anything like that down till the X-Men cartoon series in the 90s on Fox. Man did I fall hard for Gambit and Rogue! After watching the Bishop arc, of course I had to come up with the "brilliant" idea to create a future love child of the two that had to hide in the past. I filled a whole notebook and a half with her story. Oh the joys when you don't know you're writing Mary Sue haha. The notebooks are sadly lost in storage otherwise I may have been masochistic enough to put 'em up here for laughs, lol.

As for the first fandom I wrote for? Sailor Moon. As soon I was introduced to the world wide web back in '98~'99, I found forums and mailing lists and ASMR archive hah. And wanted to write and participate. Back then I went under the pen name MoonDreamer (as it was the name of my WebTV account XD). I had loved all the fics and the camaraderie felt on the mailing lists, and of course I had my own ideas and began writing. I still have a few wips... That'll one day be finished! LOL.

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Taken from [profile] sciathan_file:
Give me a pairing/(pair of) characters and a prompt, and I will write you a one sentence ficlet (or more, if it ends up going down that way...)


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