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I guess I'm making posts mostly for myself haha. Does anyone read this outside of LJ (since I crosspost, but wonder if I should just stick to LJ posting...) Also, been commenting on the #OccupySF & #OccupyOakland on my twitter if any are interested.

Fly by rec: Because I'm Awesome - An Agent Coulson Fanmix Dunno who he is? *points to icon in LJ* He's the AWESOME Agent that first made an appearance in Iron Man, and in pretty much every other Avenger related movie. And someone made a quite excellent mix and cover and ICON XD for him. Think the songs fit him loverly! And you should watch the short that's linked in the post. =D Also, it's Agent Coulson (the actor) approved. XD

So, I'm so in love with Once Upon A Time, as I'm sure most of y'all are, heh. I was pretty much in love with it by the time Snow was woken by the Prince! And by the end of the ep, was dying for more. I'm really loving all the characters, but especially Snow & Prince and can't wait for more of their backstory in the next ep. So itching to write but no, gotta finish deadline fics first lol. So happy it got the highest ratings, though I wish it'd help Pan Am more to keep the ratings going.

Day 04 – Your favorite show ever Jeebus... Ever?? Cartoon, X-Men. Anime, tie w/ Escaflowne & Sailor Moon. All three for the same reasons: GREAT storylines, characters, and animation at the time. They're the ones that inspired me. Live Action? I honestly don't know. I love a lot of shows. Lots of shows I'll watch in reruns ad nauseum (like NCIS). I've only actively collected a few on dvd (smallville, lois & clark, bsg, lost) and kept few d/l'd copies (nikita, lost girl)... Not many I watched from beginning to end...(TNG, DS9, tech Quantum Leap, Babylon 5) So I have tons of fave shows, ones I'd watch again and again. But nothing comes to mind as being above the rest really. What about y'all?


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