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Man am I all beta'd out lol... Hoping to get some more writing done, especially for [profile] happy_trekmas or Daily_Deviant deadlines... XD And artwork hopefully... But still working a few more [community profile] comment_fic prompts that have caught my eye (and desperately trying to push away a few kink meme bunnies that are nibbling at me). Ah well, meme time!

Day 03 – Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season): Man, I can't just narrow it down... Plus not all the new shows have aired! But, here's my rec's so far!
Favorite Comedy: Hands down, 2 Broke Girls. It's a female positive comedy with female adult humor! It's not crass like some other shows where you know they're going for the male laughs. The actresses are spot on and neither of the main girls are cliched. Constantly laughing with this one!
Favorite Mystery/Suspense: Gonna have to go with Person of Interest. I may have a bias with main actor but it really is a good show. It's as if the computer from Eagle Eye didn't turn out so evil. And it puts a twist on the crime as the charas are trying to solve it before it happens w/o knowing what the hell's going on. I also like how the two characters interact w/ each other (Slash potential but I actually don't want to read fics of them together, it's weird.) Love the lady detective too and hope we'll see more and more of her story.
Favorite Drama: Light Drama really... Pan Am. It's period, it's fun, it's beautiful. There's actually not a character I don't like. They all have good flaws and aren't annoying at all. It's not overtly thinky or anything but it's not just popcorn fare either. I think a great way to end the weekend.
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Although some shows still haven't aired and tech this is only new to the US... But Bedlam! Def! OMG. Firstly, the main chara is smoking hot... I may have to go find his other shows and watch and I rarely if ever do that for an actor (at least actively you know?). And it's a great little supernatural show with a premise of being set in the infamous Bedlam Hospital. It's not too horrory, or graphic (compared to like Fringe or Bones), but there's enough that those squeamish may not be able to watch alas. Sadly the first season's only six eps, and I hope the second season will be soon haha.
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