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Gotta love fandom sometimes... *shakes head* And gotta love when websites do complete overhauls w/o a lick of warning to its userbase. *looks at delicious* Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. I'd wish diigo would do with more updates but they're more focused on having prettyful ipod and ipad apps. Anyhow, day 02 of meme! =D Will get to the other one again but not tonight. XD

Day 02 – A show that you wish more people were watching: Hands down, Falling Skies. It's a fantastic show and I can't wait for the second season and hope it has at least double the episodes next season. Great action, plot, chara development and it's sci-fi! A few other really good shows that I think are underrated: Leverage (classic caper with unique charas), Suits (may have a big fandom but dunno anyone in it I don't think, and omg the slash writes itself and it's a fun one), Being Human US (granted I've yet seen the UK... STILL, this series I think works great on it's own and people must realize that the UK peeps asked syfy for a remake), and... I know there's like one more but I can't think of it lol. I watch way too many shows haha.


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