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Things I need to do before Tuesday Night:

  • Finish Snupin Fantasy Fest drabble & post

  • modly kirkmccoy posts

  • buy return tix from SD

  • get hotelroom for sun night

  • pack clothes

  • decide on bringing a portfolio (for a writer's one, what do i showcase? for art, can i showcase fanart??)
    • On a related note, DMP is looking for manga writers.... i have one original slash short story i wrote before prop 8 elections... and of course my fanfic... any other short stories i have aren't very... manga-ish? i guess... and sadly not many that are fantasy either (not that i don't have ideas)

  • set dad up for horror netflix dvds while we're gone

  • get camera set up for flight

  • get netbook set up for travel

  • set up ping.fm so i can be spammy with tweets/plurks/statuses

  • buy some facial cleansers

  • buy more vacu-bags

  • finish cleaning up email

  • bring resumes (never know, right?)

  • am i missing anything?

    Also, for anyone that cares, here's my tentative schedule (lots of conflicts as obs i can't make everything, plusgotta fit in volunteering): http://sched.comic-con.org/dianamoon I'm pretty much available nights so anyone going, let's meet up yeah? =D
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