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And now I'm all caught up. The theme was Kink so these are all adult and for the most part pervy. XD Um, hope y'all enjoy! I'm doing [community profile] kink_bingo (along with [community profile] hc_bingo), so expect more kinky fics in the near future! Lol.

Prompt: Chekov, Gaila - Nipple Rings
Rating: NC-17

The first few days, Pavel found it hard to work. He was always paranoid that they'd be noticeable, despite wearing patches over them, or that his fellow crewmates could tell he was was flushed more than normal.

They still ached, but it was a good ache. And true to his word, as soon as his shift was over, he'd remove the patches, letting the fabric rub against his nipples, forever hard due to the platinum rings piercing each. But it was worth it, for as soon as he reached his quarters, Gaila would pounce.

She'd begin with a needy kiss, which he responded to immediately, and then by rubbing her own breasts against his chest. He groaned and broke away from her, needing to feel her skin against his as he stripped.

But she's faster than him, and as soon as his rings are seen, her mouth greedily attacks one, sucking and pulling, and the sensation goes straight to his cock.

Even weeks after, Pavel finds it hard to work, his nipples blessedly sore all the time, but if he's just a little faster by the end of the shift, grinning more, no one seems to say a word.

Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Public Collar Wearing
Rating: PG

Jim adjusted the collar of his uniform before he adjusted his other collar. He blushed into the mirror, seeing how the silver glinted in the light. It wasn't too bad, and he was more than happy to do this for his Bones.

It's a wonderful feeling, to be claimed, to be wanted, the way Bones wants him. Not just his body, never was just that, but everything. It was a rough start, what they had, and Jim sure knows he's tried Bones' patience, but they both knew neither could change over night.

So as he walked out their newly shared quarters and down the corridors, sickbay as the destination in mind, he grinned. He can't wait to see the surprised look on Bones' face, already enjoying the looks he's getting as people walk by.

Nothing says "I'm Yours" like a permanent silver collar with the words "Property of LHM" inscribed into it.

Prompt: Pike, McCoy - Anal beads
Rating: NC-17

Leonard was sweating by the time Pike had pushed the last, and biggest, bead into him. It was hard enough being bent over and having his wrists tied to his ankles, but with the increased pressure of the beads made it worse.

He only gasped when he felt them move inside, slithering deep, as Pike explained that he had found this particular model in a store at the B'drsm outpost. It came with a remote for easier play, as it could move in and out and Oh. Leonard yelped and moaned in a mix of pleasure-pain as the beads vibrated.

He felt Pike's hands at that point, running down his spine and back up, cupping his ass before giving it a resounding slap. He told Leonard that the only way they'd come out was with a press of a button. And that only happen if Leonard could please Pike.

Without further instruction, Leonard lifted his head as best as he could, and took Pike's cock in his mouth. As soon as he felt come coat his tongue, he groaned as a bead slowly came out. There were still many left and a long night ahead, so he worked eagerly to please Pike again, hoping by the end, he'd finally be allowed to come.

Prompt: Uhura, Chapel - Enema
Rating: Hard R

It's not often she gets to indulge, as Christine has to have the night shift while she has it off. It's easy to get sickbay alone for an hour, enough time to enjoy and relax and clean up after.

So here she was, ass up in air as Christine adjusted the flow to go a little bit faster, and she moaned, enjoying the filling sensation. She also enjoyed Christine's soothing voice and the feel of her hands, on her back and her abdomen.

She's not too sure what Christine gets out of it, but since the first time she was offered, she never questioned. Just was grateful each time, being able to let someone take control.

This time however, just before Christine was about to pull the plug out, she bent down and kissed Nyota softly on the lips. And that was a greater release, than anything she'd ever felt before.

Prompt: Kirk, McCoy - Hands
Rating: NC-17

"God, Bones..." Jim moaned, pulling on his restraints as he stands, hands over head, blindfolded. All he can feel is Bones' hands, roaming his naked body.

He doesn't even get the benefit of hearing his lover's voice, just those skillful hands. Fingers whisper over his ribs, hard palms down the aching muscles in his thighs. Searching hands down his spine, teasing fingers by his crotch and all Jim can do is moan and writhe.

He's so close but it's not till a hand caresses his face while the other strokes his cock when he finally comes, with sure hands soothing him down again.


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