Sep. 16th, 2011

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I miss journaling, as infrequent as I did it. I miss having non-emo posts and having fun 'what i did today' ones or of the even rare fandom related posts. I miss being able to look at my flist and needing to tab tons of interesting stuff (mostly talking about comms). And this is becoming more emo than I intended...

So besides the many fic/art I owe, which while may not seem like it, I am working on, little by little when the muse shows up, I think I want a clean break. Since I can't yet do that in my real life, maybe it'll help to do it online. Just drop most all the baggage and pretend this is a fresh, clean NEW journal. Where I just post whatever, from what's on tv, to the evil plot bunnies that plague me. And whenever I do have an outing. How's that sound? I'm sure some of you guys miss me, right?

As for me, things are still in a stall-state. In all senses of the word. I thought there'd be a dramatic change by the end of the year but looks like it's not going to happen as fam doesn't want it to happen. Still mostly jobless, and tech now with one less brother (i've disowned him for what he did to me, but i'm the only one). I'm mostly on gchat and tech still twitter. Might get back to being on digsby soon cause yeah, the loneliness is consuming.

So how've y'all been? Any fandoms or lj/dw comms you'd rec to me? I'm thinking if I could join new things, my muse might actually stick around past delivering a new bunny, heh.


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