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A short set. Various themes from a few different sessions.

Prompt: Winona, McCoy - Comparing Notes
Rating: G
(Gen, dialog only, implied Kirk/McCoy)

"What is his obsession with apples?"

"We have an apple tree that George had grown."


"Does he still avoid his greens?"

"God yes. I swear that man's worse than my daughter."

"One vice for another, sauce always helps."

"I'll remember that. Did he... always have such nightmares?"

"No... My fault I think. After Frank I couldn't juggle him and Starfleet and then Tarsus.."

"You did your best. He knows that. He still loves you."

"Thank you, it's just that a mother always blames herself."

"He's going to make it through this, Winona. And then when he wakes, you can yell at him if ya want. Always makes me feel better."

"You do know he loves you, right?"

"Right, sure."

"He does, a mother knows these things."

"I... think I love him too."

"I know. Now be sure to tell him after I yell at him, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Prompt: Sulu, Chekov -What a Joy to be Young
Rating: R

"Damn, again?" Hikaru laughed as Pavel began to kneed his ass.

"Vhat, you do not want to feel me inside you?" Pavel asked, fingers brushing across Hikaru's hole.

"Un, of course I do." Hikaru's started to breathe hard. He felt Pavel open him up again with his thumbs. "But we just had a mind blowing hour of sex..."

Pavel chuckled. He kissed up Hikaru's spine before pressing himself in to the hilt. "Mmm, but I like to have at least two hours of mind blowing sex."

Hikaru groaned and automatically began rocking his hips in response.

"This is good thing about being young is it not?" Pavel angled himself and began a steady pace.

"Very good thing!" Hikaru squeezed Pavel, enjoying the low moan it caused. He wondered if it'd be like this every night they spent together and hoped he'd be able to keep up.

Prompt: McCoy, Chapel - Water Fight
Rating: G

"I hate Mondays," Leonard muttered as he finally was able to shut off the valve that had sprayed him with water.

Christine chuckled as she went to grab his emergency uniform set. "And why do you hate Mondays?"

"Because nothing can ever go right," Leonard muttered as he pulled off off his shirts. "At least no one else in here to have witnessed it."

"Nope, only me," Christine said as she handed over a towel and his uniform.

Leonard quickly dried his hair and froze when he heard the telltale snap of a PADD's camera being used.

Christine grinned, "Sorry doctor, but the girls would kill for a picture of this."

"Don't know how you're gonna send it when your PADD shorts out," Leonard said.

"What do you mean--AHH!" Christine dropped the PADD as she shielded herself from the spray of water. "I'm gonna get you Leonard McCoy!"

And for a while after, the rare sound of laughter was heard throughout sickbay.

Prompt: Spock, Uhura - Spring rain
Rating: G

"When it rains, my son, and trust me it will be sooner than you'd think, promise me you'll go outside bask in it. Of course, not for too long, but enough to appreciate it."

"I don't understand mother, appreciate what exactly?"

Amanda smiled at her son. "You'll see."

Spock had only been at the Academy for two weeks before it rained. Spring had come early, and he hadn't anticipated any type of precipitation the day he caught under it while on his way across campus.

His instinct like most other cadets and faculty, was to speed up in finding shelter, but he then remembered his mother's words. Moving to the side, Spock stilled and tried to figure out the purpose of his mother's exercise.

It was a few minutes later when he felt the presence of someone next to him. Turning he was surprised to see a female cadet, her eyes closed, smiling under the rain.

"Isn't it wonderful?" she asked, now looking at him.

Spock could only blink. "Rain is advantageous for the flora and reservoirs."

She chuckled. "It is, and for people, too. It's a refreshing feeling, washing away your worries. And the best part about this city is, you can have your cake and eat it too."

"I do not--" Spock started, but stopped as the rain stopped, almost suddenly as it began.

"See? Now in just a few more minutes, the sun will be out again, reminding us that everything will be okay." And with that, she inclined her head, smiling and walked away.

He didn't realize he had been staring at where she departed until he felt the sun's rays upon him, and it was then that he started to see what both his mother and the mysterious woman tried to convey.

He smiled. "Fascinating."

Prompt: Uhura, Gaila - Hanging laundry out to dry in the sun
Rating: PG

"Remind me to never try and drink you under the table again," Gaila muttered as she fumbled with the wooden clothespins to hang up a shirt.

Nyota simply grinned as she stretched in the lawn chair, watching Gaila struggle with the clothes. The night before she had won a bet in which she'd be free of any chores while on vacation. Too bad the rental home's main theme was 'old fashioned living'.

"Are you just going to watch me the whole time and not help?" Gaila pouted, moving on to the last of the laundry.

"I was thinking of distracting you instead, actually."

Gaila rolled her eyes. "And how're you going to do that?" She gasped as she felt slender arms wrap around her waist. "Oh, mmm."

Nyota kissed Gaila's shoulder while her hands dipped under her pants. "Forget about the chores for now."

"I'm okay with that, the rest was your clothing anyway," Gaila said, grinning.
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